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Guns won’t solve your personal problems

gun guns AK-47
Photo Credit: Cerebralzero via Compfight cc

When it comes to guns, I am sure of one thing: Just acquiring a gun never solves a personal problem for anyone.

And the introduction of a gun into the life of a person who is already struggling with deep issues can only have negative potential.

But the marketing of guns by the mega-million-dollar gun industry will have you believe that just having the right gun will solve a lot of problems.
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Memorial Day — Still Missing Ricky

Ricky Collins
My friend, Ricky Collins when he was a Freshman in high school.

I still miss Ricky Collins.

They said he died in an accident while unloading a truck on training maneuvers. It happened not long after he was drafted during the Vietnam War.

He became one of the many people who sacrificed their lives serving their country that we don’t often think about.  He was one of many who die in service, but not in the same way as those who are given the Congressional Medal of Honor. Continue reading Memorial Day — Still Missing Ricky