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Person of the Year – Q&A for Territory-OKC Magazine

Territory-OKC has moved all of their digital issues off of their website and onto ISSUU. This piece is on page 28 in the magazine, but on plate “24-25” here.


I was acquainted with Doug Sorocco a year before getting this assignment to do a Q&A with him for one of Oklahoma City’s newest magazines, Territory OKC.

And so it was a pleasure to have an opportunity to do this piece and give others a closer look at someone who has been instrumental in several big, new developments in a small district just west of downtown Oklahoma City called Film Row.

He is one of the principal partners of the Dunlop Codding law firm, one of the first entities to see the future value of that part of the city which had always been considered light industrial.

As of their rebuilding/repurposing of an industrial structure and turning it into the home of their firm, they have anchored an effort that has seen redevelopment of the three-block stretch along Sheridan Avenue.

The most notable of their efforts has been to open their courtyard and meeting space to the community for a number of musical, meeting and party events for no charge.

Richard McKown’s Return to the Canvas – story for 405 Magazine

Published: December 2015

Headline and Lede

Richard McKown’s Return to the Canvas

If you know the name Richard McKown, it’s probably due to his prolific and highly successful real estate developments of late in downtown Oklahoma City. But before he was a developer, he trained and practiced heavily in visual arts, focusing on drawing and sculpting. In the past several years, he has been exploring painting, some examples of which have been revealed at Artspace at Untitled in an exhibition that opened Nov. 20.


This is my first piece for the formerly-named Slice Magazine, now re-branded as 405 Magazine.

Richard McKown was such a willing subject and so articulate, I decided to do an IntersectionsOK podcast where we talk more about this subject and even include a post-opening rundown. It is also the first time that I have synchronized an episode of this new podcast with the publishing of an article.

I was able to dig into the deeper meanings and issues surrounding his two-panel depiction of the Last Supper because of my background in theology. They are, at least, a departure from the usual depictions of the Last Supper.

(The photograph on this post is mine and was used for the podcast. 405 used other professional photography.)

Parking garage wins award for architects – story for Ok Gazette

  • Print publication: July 29, 2015
  • Online publication: July 31, 2015

Headline and lede

“TAP Architecture wins international award”

Just mention the words “parking garage” around any group and you will get at least an “ugh!” if not profanity and stories about the dark, scary, confusing parking garages that they recently used or perhaps use daily.

Architect Anthony McDermid set out to design a better kind of parking garage for downtown Oklahoma City, and his firm, TAP Architecture, won an international award for it.


This structure won the top international award because of the combined wisdom of experienced architects and experienced parking garage owners: EMBARK, the transit and parking trust for Oklahoma City.

The principal architect, Anthony McDermid, talked to me about more than the parking structure, though. His firm has worked on many structures in the city and came up with the initial design for a newly proposed grand park in downtown OKC.


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Capitol restoration tour report for Oklahoma Gazette

Published online only: September 4, 2015

Headline and lede

“Capitol’s interior restoration hits potentially costly snag”

The Oklahoma State Capitol’s interior restoration project recently began as work continues on its exterior. And just as with any big job like this one, there are surprises inside that could cost the state much more to correct than anticipated.


This was a story that I got called to with only one hour’s notice and was asked to shoot what I saw.

Oklahoma’s Capitol building is undergoing extensive restoration on the outside, and now on the inside. Their effort is to keep from impeding the business of state government while engaging in the largest fix project on the building ever in its history.


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Nuisance weeds problem in OKC story for Oklahoma Gazette

  • Print publication: August 19, 2015
  • Online publication: August 21, 2015

Headline and lede

Print headline: Tall problem, Community involvement is vital in cutting short the city’s long list of code violators

“Community involvement vital in cutting short city’s long list of code violators”

Leadership in Oklahoma City and The Village told Oklahoma Gazette the complaint they get the most is about tall weeds and grass.

If agitation about the neighbor’s overgrown yard causes you Jumanji-like nightmares, there are solutions available to remedy the problem.


After noticing repeated discussion about the tall grass and weeds problems over several meetings of the Oklahoma City Council, I started to dig into the actual workings of two city halls on the matter.

This story was meant to encourage residents in the metro area to take action and call their respective city halls to get action on nuisance lots.


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Okla priest could become saint, story for Oklahoma Gazette

Published: August 13, 2015

Headline and lede

An Oklahoma man might become the U.S.’s first male saint

A former farm boy from Okarche had no intention of becoming a martyr for the Christian faith. Yet, the Roman Catholic Church is on the brink of declaring him one.


This is the first 2,000 – word piece that I have ever written and the most meaningful to date.

The interview with Catholic priest Fr. Tom McSherry was especially meaningful in that we had been acquainted 40 years ago, but hadn’t had the opportunity to talk since then.


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Festival of the Arts, 2015 story for Red Dirt Report

Festival of the Arts kicks off 49th year with good weather but questions about a future venue


It was a near perfect day for people and photography as the 2015 Festival of the Arts kicked off which allowed me to interview people who were having a good time and to get some great photographs.


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Winchester Drive-In Story for Oklahoma Gazette

Publication: July 1, 2015

Headline and lede:

“Generations of sold-out audiences still pack Winchester Drive-In”

Lindy Shanbour loves people, his employees and the movie business.

He gets to interact with all three every night through the summer as he runs Winchester Drive-In, 6930 S. Western Ave., a busy place in the midst of celebrating its 47th anniversary.


The first work that I did for the Oklahoma Gazette was this cover story for the July 1 print edition about the Winchester Drive-In, located in South Oklahoma City.  Some of these shots were used in print and online.

It was fun to do this story, meet the staff, and a privilege to get to know Lindy Shanbour who opened the Winchester in the 1960s and still runs it nightly.


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Guns won’t solve your personal problems

gun guns AK-47
Photo Credit: Cerebralzero via Compfight cc

When it comes to guns, I am sure of one thing: Just acquiring a gun never solves a personal problem for anyone.

And the introduction of a gun into the life of a person who is already struggling with deep issues can only have negative potential.

But the marketing of guns by the mega-million-dollar gun industry will have you believe that just having the right gun will solve a lot of problems.
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Happy Loving Day Or, Glad-Not-to-Get-Arrested Day

my family
(L-R) Me & my wife, my son, my granddaughter, daughter, son-in-law, and grandson

June 12 is the anniversary of the day in 1967 that the Supreme Court handed down it’s ruling in Loving vs. Virginia. The ruling declared Virginia’s law prohibiting living with or marrying someone of a different race to be unconstitutional.

It’s a great day for my daughter and son-in-law. It’s a great day for my wife and me.  Continue reading Happy Loving Day Or, Glad-Not-to-Get-Arrested Day