Parking garage wins award for architects – story for Ok Gazette

  • Print publication: July 29, 2015
  • Online publication: July 31, 2015

Headline and lede

“TAP Architecture wins international award”

Just mention the words “parking garage” around any group and you will get at least an “ugh!” if not profanity and stories about the dark, scary, confusing parking garages that they recently used or perhaps use daily.

Architect Anthony McDermid set out to design a better kind of parking garage for downtown Oklahoma City, and his firm, TAP Architecture, won an international award for it.


This structure won the top international award because of the combined wisdom of experienced architects and experienced parking garage owners: EMBARK, the transit and parking trust for Oklahoma City.

The principal architect, Anthony McDermid, talked to me about more than the parking structure, though. His firm has worked on many structures in the city and came up with the initial design for a newly proposed grand park in downtown OKC.


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