Person of the Year – Q&A for Territory-OKC Magazine

Territory-OKC has moved all of their digital issues off of their website and onto ISSUU. This piece is on page 28 in the magazine, but on plate “24-25” here.


I was acquainted with Doug Sorocco a year before getting this assignment to do a Q&A with him for one of Oklahoma City’s newest magazines, Territory OKC.

And so it was a pleasure to have an opportunity to do this piece and give others a closer look at someone who has been instrumental in several big, new developments in a small district just west of downtown Oklahoma City called Film Row.

He is one of the principal partners of the Dunlop Codding law firm, one of the first entities to see the future value of that part of the city which had always been considered light industrial.

As of their rebuilding/repurposing of an industrial structure and turning it into the home of their firm, they have anchored an effort that has seen redevelopment of the three-block stretch along Sheridan Avenue.

The most notable of their efforts has been to open their courtyard and meeting space to the community for a number of musical, meeting and party events for no charge.