Necessary Questions for Oklahoma Supt of Schools Candidates

Congratulations to Joy Hofmeister for winning a tough Republican primary campaign. It was even tougher because Ms. “I’m-Not-A-Politician” pulled out every underhanded politician stunt her campaign thought that she could get by with.

The Democrats still have some sorting and choosing to do. Congratulations to John Cox and Freda Deskin for getting into the runoff. That part will come to a conclusion August 26th.

No matter what party these three represent, it is important to ask questions that will allow us to understand who might have the most influence on them later.

And that is important, isn’t it?

After all, we have endured a superintendent who was controlled by a political party machine, and by out-of-state education corporation interests. We should carefully examine possible influences to their administration should they win.

So here are some ideas that will get you started on questions that we all should ask of all three of candidates who will be running some sort of race over the next several months:

1. How do you intend to fund your campaign?

  • If you are self-funding, how will you pay it back?
  • If self-funding, what are your standards for deciding if you will accept an person or organization paying you back?
  • If your campaign is raising money, who are your contributors so far?
  • What interests are represented by those who are giving to your campaign?
  • Do any of those contributors represent any kind of private corporate interests?

2. How would you interact with a Fallin administration?

3. How would you interact with a Dorman administration?

4. How will you work with the dominant Republican Oklahoma Legislature to influence their decisions about funding for public education and to defend standards proposed by education professionals?

5. How closely will you work with ALEC and other out-of-state groups to help you form policy?

6. Will qualified Oklahoma education professionals have preference in hiring over out-of-state people?

7. What single group of voters do you consider to be your strongest supporters?

Those are the questions that are on the forefront of my mind right now and in the future.

What questions would you add to this list?