Popular Monthly Performances Put KOSU’s New Studios in the Spotlight

There was a line that went down the center aisle almost to the back of the Performance Studio as people waited to buy John Calvin’s latest CD. It was a positive close to another impressive performance by a local OKC artist. The performance was the KOSU Radio contribution to the June Premiere on Film Row.

John Calvin in the KOSU Performance Studio, June 20th
John Calvin in the KOSU Performance Studio, June 20th

Fans of the monthly performances in this intimate space have grown to expect the best since KOSU opened their OKC studios last Fall in the Hart Building, which sits on Sheraton Avenue close to downtown.

Since then, its standing as a hub of artistic activity has steadily increased, building on KOSU’s collaboration with The Spy FM which began well before their expansion. That move now allows KOSU the advantage of having studios on the campus at OSU and in the center of Oklahoma City.

Listen to KOSU for announcements about upcoming performances during the Premiere on Film Row events held each month on the 3rd Friday.

John Calvin last night at the KOSU Performance Studio

Chelsea R Cope in May

John Moreland in April