Tell Someone “Happy Fathers Day!”

The best fathering involves teaching our children how to become independent. Because of that, and if we are good at it, our children are constantly moving further away from us.

Of course, the down side is that fathers have to be patient with being out of the loop with their maturing children. When things are going the best for them is when we miss them the most because they are on their way and looking in another direction. It’s at that point that the partners of those fathers become very important.

The healthiest fathers know that they must constantly reach out to their intimate partner rather than their children for love and support. Others beyond our intimate partners become important, too.

And for those fathers who are separated from their partners, married or not, this can be a lonesome day.

On Mothers Day I am very aware that many moms are single and raising a child who is too young to say “Happy Mothers Day”. So I tell moms that, even if I don’t know them very well. Yeah, they think I’m a little strange; but, they seem to like it, too.

On Father’s Day I get less strange looks and very often have that man reveal that it’s the first time that he had heard it that day. Some families have deep traditions for honoring the dads among them, and some carefully avoid that day for a host of reasons.

Whether for positive or negative reasons, it’s natural for men to find themselves very much alone on Fathers Day.

Today, wish as many fathers as you can, “Happy Fathers Day”. You just might be a blessing to someone in the process.